JW Wealth Management Ltd -
Independent Offshore Financial Advice

At JW Wealth Management, we pride ourselves on our innovative and competitive approach. We are committed to value, flexibility, exceptional service and are constantly seeking ways to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

We have together a power house of over twenty years experience in helping people invest their money responsibly. This is achieved over a short, medium and long term in a tax efficient environment.


Our professional service is to ensure that your money is in the right markets at the right time, to capitalise on any growth potential available. We give you the opportunity to take advantage of the real growth potential of the world’s financial markets - tailored to match your individual circumstances and attitude to risk.

Being part of a professional client bank like ours, you are exposed to various incentives and bonuses, which over time greatly enhances your investments.

We are totally independent which gives you the advantage of an unbiased opinion as to the advice given to where your money should be invested. Your funds are monitored and switched in consultation with yourself regularly around the globe, which has the potential to ensure optimum growth.

We make it our business to embrace your vision of financial security both before and during retirement. That is why our financial solutions are designed to fit around you and your life circumstances as and when they change. For now, tomorrow and your future generations.

We invest throughout the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. The advantage is that your money is able to grow free of capital gains and income tax. This means that your savings are not taxed at source and can therefore grow tax free. Any taxes applicable to your policy will depend on the tax laws in your country of domicile and residence. Tax planning can be a complex area which requires specialist advice.

Your money, when legitimately invested through the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, will enjoy total confidentiality offered by the Data Protection Act. This ensures that your information is not passed on to any third parties or tax authorities, without your explicit permission.

Our company does not handle or have access to any of our clients’ money. All transactions are made between your bank and the institution your funds are invested.


It is comforting to know that your investments are protected against fraud, bankruptcy and liquidation. For example, in Guernsey, assets representing at least 90 per cent are held in custody by an independent trustee.