Retirement Planning & Savings


This is a subject very few working people take seriously enough. In the past, most people relied on the pension scheme provided by their company. The recent tendency for companies is to replace existing schemes with money funded schemes, which lowers the burden on the company and relies instead on the performance of the underlying investments.

With the facts coming out of the research showing that only 5% of individuals will be in a position to effectively retire comfortably. The harsh reality is that we are not saving nearly enough. Governments are already talking about increasing the mandatory age for retirement. There is a serious concern as more and more people will have to work during their golden years.

When one considers that the average time you will spend in retirement is twenty years, serious consideration has to be given to building a fund which not only gives you an income, but also an income which increases above, or at least equals, inflation.

    Savings & Investments

    Tailored Investment Solutions

A lot of thought needs to be given when investing. Banks, of course, play a role in this. People have a natural tendency to keep far more money in banks than is required. This makes little financial sense over time when compared to what is available and the accessibility therein. If one considers that inflation is about the same level or more than the average returns available from bank deposits, it is difficult, almost impossible, to achieve any real growth. This would result in the value of your money being slowly eradicated. JW Wealth Management can assist getting this balance right to meet your future needs.

    Planning for a specific event

There may be major family events on the horizon, such as school or university fees or a wedding. The inevitability of these events means that you know the money will be needed, but you don’t know exactly when. Capital investments give you access to your investments, whenever you need it.

    Helping provide for your retirement

Investments can make a significant contribution towards your retirement planning - allowing your money to grow in a tax efficient environment and providing a lump sum or regular income on retirement, paid to you anywhere in the world.

    Fulfilling your ambitions

To have a holiday of your dreams, the car of your choice, your own villa, a chance to say goodbye to work for a year in order to travel or possibly starting your own business.

    Regular Savings & Investments

For international investors wishing to maximise their regular savings, with the added benefit of gross roll-up funds, we provide simple, flexible, medium to long-term savings products through unit-linked investments.

For international investors, we provide a way to access fund portfolios capable of offering exposure to a breadth of markets, managers and asset classes.

Making the right choice for your portfolio and then refining and reshaping it over the years takes time, information and skill. Fund managers need to be selected and monitored to ensure they remain at the top of the game - and replaced when they do not.

    Switching investment choice

If you wish to change your investment strategy at any time, you have the flexibility to do so simply and quickly.

With an unlimited switching facility, you can switch between the various funds offered to protect against, or take advantage of, changing market circumstances or investment needs.

Your funds are never locked into the fortunes of just one fund manager. The switching facility is currently without charge. The innate diversification qualities of regular investment funds, combined with the ‘know-how’ of JW Wealth Management presents a sound, individually tailored solution.